Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Of frogs, and snails, and puppy dog tails......

Many of you know that I have a fairly good sized ornamental pond on my property. It's something that Mike and I dug out about two years ago, and holds about 3500 gallons of water. We made a deliberate effort to keep it as natural looking as possible. There's dirt on top of the liner, and plants, and fish, and we even added ten tadpoles last year. There's also a pump and filter to keep things circulating and to insure that there's enough oxygen in the water.

Periodically, the filter becomes partially blocked and has to be cleaned so that the pump isn't overburdened. It's not the most pleasant task, but it was Saturday afternoon's. When I was done, I decided that there was too much string algee as well, so out came the rake and we created a nice pile of wet pond sludge on the bridge.

As I went to pick it up so that it could be hauled away in the garden cart, I realized that there were living animals among the strands. They were polywogs, lots of them. We knew the fish had bred, there's been quite a few extra mouths for dinner there, but I now know the frogs have managed also. And the baby polywogs hide in the vegatation so that they don't become meals themselves.

Immediately, the mass went into a large tub, with water over it.
And then....
And then, I spent most of an hour carefully pulling strands of pond sludge apart by hand and managed to return about three dozen live ones back into the pond.

Not exactly how I planned the day, but on balance, and after it was done, I'm happy about it.

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