Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

I Seem To Be All Wet.....

Literally, this time, in fact I'm soaked. I didn't intend to be, but you have to understand about me. Underneath, I'm a gearhead.
If it's got metal bits and pieces, and they are connected to each other, and they go back and forth or round and round, I'm into it.

I just finished doing some repair work on one of the zoom lenses for my camera.
Out in the drive, there are two sports cars under restoration.
[and a third may be added this weekend, but we will not discuss that because I have not discussed that yet with "D" and I already know her reaction, but I'll probably do it anyway because.......]

Hmmm, I seem to have gotten off track. And, speaking of track[s] that's why I'm wet. I live near a set of them. In fact at one time they were the Lackawanna mainline from Hoboken to Chicago - the Route of The Phoebe Snow.

I'm about halfway between two stations. In the morning, a unique event will happen. A real, live steam engine will come chuffing up those tracks pulling a string of thirteen cars. This will be the first time this has happened in almost fifty years. And they will do it four times tomorrow and another four times on Sunday.

Oh yes, about being wet. Well you see, they brought everything in and it's positioned down at the station. And it was just sitting there looking very pretty and regal and there's enough lights from the station and it was there and it was night so of course I had to take a picture or twenty and so I did but it started to rain and I kept shooting anyway because that makes the shots even better but you see.........

I'm all wet.

[but. I dried the camera off already of course,]

If you can't wait for my pictures, here's the link to the 'official' ones. It's a Chinese built replica of an American engine from 1913. This one was actually built in 1988.

Told you I was a gearhead, and the bigger, the better....

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