Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

The Weekend Box Score........

Well, the steam engine made six of it's scheduled eight trips before the boys managed to break their toy. The last two were behind vintage diesel instead. I was on the first run Sunday morning. We went about twenty two miles out and then back, so I'd say I got my money's worth. I was in the second car from the front. It had windows that could open, and we learned first hand that yes, steam engines do spew cinders, some hot, some not, and they do blow all over the place and get on everything.

[There were actually two EMTs on board and we were instructed in advance that if cinders got in our eyes we were to summon help and not rub them. There was one minor incident with an eight year old, but he was OK within five minutes.]

When I dropped off film to be developed this morning, it seems that I had managed to shoot about four and a half rolls. Funny how easy it is to do that. I promise not to post 110 pictures of a vintage train. On the other hand I hope you do like some pictures because I suspect that several will end up here.

Oh yes, the "business class" car just ahead of us in the consist was the one that Herbert Hoover had used for whistle stop campaigning when he ran for president.

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