Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

On you, your site, your womanhood.

I look at many, note some. Yours have always been distinct.
This evening, I made the time to try to come to know you
and found something very special, very beautiful.

Your art of course is outstanding, even more so is your
soul, and that comes through with just as much clarity.
I can feel you.
That's not easy through a screen.
For you to be at ease enough to do it, for you to be
skilled enough to convey it.
You choose to emphasize your womanhood. You do it well.

I am male.
[married, happily, this is not that kind of a post.]
I am predisposed in my view of womanhood - not pro, not
con, just biased. It goes with the territory.

We are all human.
We are all the same, we are all unique.

The attribute of "womanhood" is equaled only by the attribute
of "manhood." Neither is superior or inferior to the other,
each is of its own, each is part of a whole.

I celebrate the existence of woman on a daily basis. Strength,
tenderness, love, all of the litany of adjectives that sound
so cliched but are so true. A woman is both sensual and sensible,
often at the same time, and comfortable with both. I see it in
my wife, my daughter, sisters, those I've come to know. This
would be a much sadder place without.

I now have one more reason.

Thank You,

- - - - - -

The above is occasioned by one in particular.
She knows.
Please don't ask.

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