Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

I have a seasonally decorated driveway at the moment......

I took delivery yesterday on an MGB roadster, an orange '74. It's sitting right behind my green '69 MGB-GT. Sort of Halloween like.

This one actually runs. It came in on a trailer, and the body is pretty rough, but it's drivable as is and I'm going to put plates on it. I sort of played a bit up and down my own rather quiet street. It's a while since I've driven a stick or a soft top on a regular basis. I'd forgotten just how much fun it is.

Big smile time. Even SO was semi impressed, although it's "another car on the property." [ The count is now five - two more or less large American things and three British ones.] One is going into the barn for the winter, so the driveway won't be quite so bad. Besides we have three drivers in the house and it's a small car and it's fun [yaaa,I know I said that already, but it is] and it was cheap and it's paid for so..........

Of course, it does need a new top, but my parts guy has ten in stock, and that's only $150. Anybody out there ever have the pleasure of keeping a British Car alive and more or less running? This one isn't toooooo bad, even most of the Lucas stuff works.

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