Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Note to self - don't buy any shirts......

Within my household, I am the only one that wears ironed clothing on a regular basis, so, in fairness, I do it myself. Now, despite my age, I am still a true red blooded male, which means that typically ten mornings out of ten, I'll iron a shirt and slacks for the day in the morning, just before donning them.

This also means that all of the un-ironed clothing, mostly shirts, accumulates in a rather large pile and, things as they are, the ones on top are more likely to be worn frequently and those at the bottom never see the light of day nor heat of iron. A couple of you have even seen the mountain pile, as it resides in the same vicinity as my computer and has occasionally been on cam.

This evening, for whatever the reason, I was ambitious. All I intended to do was to iron the morning's clothing early. But, with the change in seasons, it was time to fold and put away most of the short sleeve shirts and that meant digging into the pile to be sure I had all of them and then "Oh yes, I remember that one," and I started separating them all, by category and I now realize that I have at least fifty shirts, [not even counting T shirts.]

Nearly all of them are still quite wearable. I tend to buy classic styles that don't change that much over time. There's a button needed here and there and a few that have grown thin that I kept to the side, but everything else is fine

Except of course, that if I ever did manage to iron them all at one time, what would I do with them? There's no way that they'd all fit in my closet. Folding them into a drawer would defeat the purpose of having ironed them, and the drawers are full anyway. I'm beginning to think that their proper karma is to live on an ironing pile after all.

..... and I'm even feeling slightly less guilty about it.

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