Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Small Triumphs......

I was working on the MGB roadster tonight. I've been going over it methodically and had discovered that the headlight switch wasn't right. Sometimes it would work, and at others it was problematic.

[Side note - I bought this car knowing that it would need work before it was road worthy - it's 28 years old and British. The price reflected the condition and I'm well satisfied with the deal.]

In any case, I removed the switch, and rather then replace it, I figured out how to disassemble it and made a successful repair. A new one would not have been that expensive, possibly twenty dollars. The biggest hassle would have been just ordering it and waiting for it to come in.

In a society where we routinely throw away the old and buy a new, it felt quite good to be able to make something work again. Sometimes satisfaction comes from wholly unexpected places.

Edit..... And I just noted that this was my "birthday" entry in LJ - It's the 313th since I started.

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