Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

It was an " interesting" evening........

I often joke about the things they don't teach you in "Parenting 101....."
Tonight was one of those when I encountered something they do tell you about.
I was winding up work at my office and the phone rings. "We're on our way to the ER" "Mike was roughing out a sculpture with a hand axe and it rebounded into his leg and sliced him."

At least she sounded calm, and there was a car and driver available for transportation......
The next hour and ten minutes seemed like about three hours as I quickly closed down my desk, got out to the lot, and worked my way through peak rush hour traffic, getting from work to the hospital near my home.

He was lucky, it was a deep cut, just below the knee, the axe had just been sharpened, but it didn't hit anything vital. The ER was busy, so it took about three hours to get everything finished off. - seven stitches, antibiotics, x-ray, dressing, debriefing - "no work for three days, watch for signs of infection, get this filled, see your physician in ten days to have the stitches taken out." He'll be hobbling for a couple of days but should have a full recovery.

Insurance will cover the bills.

Is there some kind of coverage you can get for fresh gray hairs.
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