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Does anyone need a topic for a thesis or a pop-science book?......,

Met a woman last night in my home. Early thirties, a rep for a mortgage broker, we're about to do a re-finance. In the chit chat phase of the conversation, it turned out that she had recently done a total career change and had also ended an unsatisfactory marriage.

In her previous career, she had been a buyer for a department store.
It was located in lower Manhattan.
It was one half block away from The World Trade Center.
She saw the plane hit.
When the buildings came down, she had to run in panic to save her life.
She is yet another psychological victim of the attack.

It may be stale news, semi forgotten to some. But over and over again I keep meeting people whose lives have changed radically. They were not physically injured, but their mental, emotional health has been seriously scarred. The City of New York knows it. They have had a record number of resignations and retirements from the police and fire departments, roughly 500% higher then in a typical year. And they are finding it more difficult to recruit replacements at the same time.

The general theme seems to be that people have gotten past the initial shock. They've said to themselves, "OK, I'm alive and well but it could have been me."
"If something so tragic can happen so suddenly, then maybe I should live a simpler, happier life."
They've tried to create happier homes. And, in some cases, that has meant ending bad relationships.

I presume that there are groups already doing studies. It would be interesting to see if it can be quantified yet. What do the preliminary reports say? What will the long term - five years after - reports say?

..... and, when you stop and realize that so few individuals were able to inflict so much change, you wonder what the right way is to insure that "it will never happen again."

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