Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Alive and Well and Lurking in Suburbia, - But.........

I had a good day yesterday.

By way of background, I've three sisters. They all live in other parts of the world, but all three are in town to bug mom at the moment. Each is involved in graphic arts in some fashion - to those that know me, that may not be a total surprise. In any case, I burned a vacation day, added Mike to the mix, and the five of us set off on an urban expedition to the city.

We drove past a couple of familiar addresses, places where two of them had lived at one time or another, and eventually parked in SOHO and began wandering on foot. It was a very interesting experience to see which things would catch whose eye, and how they would choose to record it. We each see things, but each sees them in a different light.

We went from SOHO to WTC, spent time in The WinterGarden, watched the sun set over behind Ellis Island, saw a nice Annie Leibovitz exhibit in World Financial, and then wandered back to Little Italy for dinner before heading home.

It was all free form, just five kindred individuals enjoying a day, with no drama or strife.

..... and lots and lots of pictures.

[Some of mine may be available by late tomorrow.]
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