Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Fantasy Time on a Winter's Night...

I happen to have a ticket for tomorrow night's Mega Million's lottery. If I were to win, the after tax cash value is around nine and a half million dollars. That would put me in a very happy very generous mood. I might even be inclined to buy an expensive gift, just for the fun of it, for someone at random on my friends list. [Everyone on my friends list would be given a paid account for at least a year - but that would be a minor thing.]

I happen to be into cars, so, arbitrarily say that the gift was to be a car. It could be any car produced in the world today, up to a value of $500k. If it were you, what would you want, and why would you want it.

Do not tell me why I should select you - that part would be totally random, maybe by a dart toss or something similar.

.... and, since the odds in this particular lottery are such that I am more likely to be struck by lightening a dozen times then to win it, please remember that it's all a fantasy.
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