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I Don't Normally Get Political, but.......

Hillary - in a speech at John Jay College in NYC,
“The truth is we are not prepared, we are not supporting our first responders, and our approach to securing our nation is haphazard at best,” “Somewhere along the line, we lost our edge. We let our guard down.”

My thought - We sure did, and it didn't happen in the last two years. Playing catch up is a bitch. Playing catch up while playing politics is worse. Yes we need to do more, and there are a lot of tough decisions to be made because much of 'security' tends to go opposite much of 'freedom.'

The lady, to state it politely, is somewhat less then innocent in the matter, and ignoring your thoughts about George W for a moment, she was in it long before he was.

Some day, and hopefully soon, this country will have a woman president. For her sake and ours, I hope she doesn't delude herself into thinking that it should be her.

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