Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

It's All Her Fault.....,

I've never had a weight problem and have always pretty much just eaten whatever I felt like when I felt like. However, I've known for a long time that my body did not metabolize sugars in quite the right way, but mostly just ignored it. With age came some of the usual problems. About fifteen years ago my blood pressure became a concern, it's controllable with medication, and I'm good about taking the pills, but it still means taking the pills. Lately too, the cholesterol numbers have started to creep upward. They're not bad, or dangerous, but they are getting toward "borderline" and I know that it's time to do something.

Recently an LJ friend started in on a diet of her own, with the concentration on carbohydrate monitoring. While her reasons were different then mine, we both share that insulin factor. [Worldwide about one in four people do.] Her results were immediate and quite favorable.

I've started watching mine. The hardest part is just to pay attention. Last night I took the next step, stopped at my local Barnes and Noble on the way home, and dented my wallet to the tune of about $40. I understand the concept, but have only begun to glean the details.

There's a lifetime of bad habits to correct.
My cafeteria at work and my pantry at home are not going to make it easy.

...but, I am going to do it.

Not try, do it.

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