Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

Learning Curves and Survival Skills.......,

We finally were able to bring Mike's truck home last night. Getting even this far was an experience.
We purchased it a bit over three weeks ago, but since it is in his name he had to have his own insurance policy. It took about a week to shop and then nearly two weeks to process. The companies really don't want to be covering 18 year old males in my state and they draw out the process. With his insurance card in hand, he went to DMV to transfer the title and register it. That took three and a half hours. He now knows why he never wants to go at the beginning of the month and why when he can, it is better to do things by mail.

It is an old truck, a 1987. It runs. It has been sitting for a while, probably two or three months at least since it was driven regularly. It needs to be detailed.

So far we have encountered:
A dimmed headlight - loose ground wire on the connector.
The battery died - it's been sitting and the terminals corroded.
Inside rear view mirror fell off - bought glue. $1.79
Rear gate latch is loose - a clip on the inside fell off.
He would like a roof rack so that he can transport his kayak - Dealer $150.+ , wrecking yard has three available for $40.
Smoke from under the hood - the cap on the power steering pump had not been tightened and oil spilled and hit the exhaust manifold.

We could have purchased something brand new. But, even new, eventually things happen. Either you learn to fix things or you learn to earn a whole lot more so that you can pay a dealer to fix things. Probably, no matter what, you will make some mistakes. There was a reason why we went to an old one.

There's a lifetime of skills to be learned.

... and the joys of climbing around a wrecking yard to be discovered.

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