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I happen to use Outlook as an e-Mail client and keep it sorted by sender. This works for me if I need to go back and find something. My machine has enough space that I never delete anything except spam. Outlook tells you how many messages have been received from each sender.

For no particular reason, I happened to browse the numbers tonight. There's one that I'm close with that is approaching 500 and another at almost 400. There are about a dozen in the 30 to 60 range and then almost too many to count at 10 or less.

The odd part though was the person in 3rd place - with 106 items, it happens to be me.
When I'm at work, I've developed the habit of forwarding work files, research, or personal e-mails to my home address rather then print them and carry them back and forth. Until just now I never realized how often I do it.

.... most of them I've even read.

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