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If I Were To Title Today......,

It would be "A River Runs Through It."
It got up to 21C/70F which was a good thing.
We did still have snow cover.
It melted - that was a not so good thing.
With the ground still solid underneath, all of the runoff stayed on the surface and the entire yard was a stream or a pond. I was busy for a while, making sure that the water stayed outside and not in my basement. But, I didn't really mind, it felt good to be working outside, and to not need more then a flannel shirt for most of the day at that.

There are signs of spring all around me. Song birds, onion grass, bulbs already out of the ground, mud, and ever so gently - off on the highway - some idiot on his rice rocket trying to pop six gears in succession.
Yes, it's happening, and none too soon at that.

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