Dave (courier_iii) wrote,

I hereby declare......,

That from this day forward, my piece of LJ will be a
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That from this day forward, my piece of LJ will be a <font ="blue"><b><i>War Free Zone</i></b></font>.

I came here for pleasant times and fun and that's mostly how it's been. But never have I seen an issue so divide so many individuals as the subject of the war in Iraq. Friends are arguing with friends, emotions are getting far ahead of logic, relationships have been strained, and in some cases they've been torn apart with bitter anger.

I have my personal opinions, they are well known to some. For now, I am promising not to post anything at all on the topic here and will try very hard to not comment on the topic with anyone else as well.

Please understand why.

... and consider picking up and passing the idea along.

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