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Just Dave.....

13 March
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As I was growing, nearly every day I would pass a business that had this sign in the window.
Come on in, I ain't mad at nobody !
It's the same for this LJ.

I've often thought that it might be nice to have more money than I do.
But I don't, and I'm not upset about that.
There's enough, I'm comfortable.
In the end, it's like they say at the race track.
"You run what you brung," and I do.

A pilgrim on the road of life, ever curious and ever wonderous.
This is a place for exploration, of that which is without, and especially of that which is within.

It's also a place to have fun, and I do.

I try to be a thoughtful person. Harder still, I aspire to honesty, and the hardest form of that is to one's self.
I am a very human man, not the one that I want to be, but working on it.
I'm also just an ordinary guy looking for ordinary love.

Be aware if you are female, I sometimes flirt.
[Update - now happily remarried, so no longer flirt, but do still remember how.]
As I said a moment ago, this is a place for fun.

All essays should be regarded as works in progress. I reserve the right to expand and revise them at whim. The task of writing, especially creatively, is never easy. Sometimes, the fullness of thought does not come until you have seen the beginnings sketched out in front of you and taken a moment to examine them. There is or should be craft to all we do.

A brief note regarding images.
This is occasionally a photo journal.
All works shown are copyright by Dave Orson.
Blanket permission is hereby granted to copy any of mine, but only for non-commercial, private, personal usage.
Translation: They're free to use unless you make some money from them. If you do, I expect to be a part of the enterprise.